Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Been quite a while since I last was on my blog. Since then I have moved from Manitoba to the Northwest coast of BC. Switched careers from automotive to carpentry. As such I have been developing an interest in fine woodworking as well as home construction. This blog won't switch from being a digital media art stream to a woodworking one. So no worries.

This is a table I would like to build. Solid lumber, it will have an insert with recovered sea glass as a centre piece. With a glass pane in its centre. The table top will have slat style lengths with coloured transparent blocks between each slat.

Brass wrapped feet with homemade iron nails. Mortice and tenon joints using super glossy ebony as the wedges. Likely will be cedar as that is a local inexpensive wood and can be finished to seal it's strong smell. Might use alder as it's a wood that has strong natural red colours and would look good stained and sealed a darker shade.

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