Monday, May 20, 2013

I need to make a fake business logo for all of these fictional firearms I'm sketching out. Hmm, I think I might just do that.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I've been fascinated with You know, the guy who printed his own gun and then the US Government shut down his download files. There's a lot of agenda based reporting behind this. It's nothing too significant as I know it to be easier to make a firearm using hardware tools than currently acquiring a 3D printer. Not that I am advocating illegal firearms.

There is an American over-sensationalism over this debacle. The best part I like about all of this is it is an allegory to the printing press. The central authorities of that time burned books containing information that empowered the citizens. Rulers, Kings, whatever. Go ahead, more were printed. A scientific and social breakthrough followed. Teh Renaissance.

How do tools of violence lead to scientific enlightenment? They don't, rather Defense Distributed and Pirate Bay will host the files that Instructables and Thingiverse can't or won't. Cody said himself they intend to make available medical scientific instruments among other things. To unlock the revolution of home based manufacturing, there has to be someone who will break laws, copyright, and form a precedent to allow people to print what they want or need. Without invasion or nay saying from any third party.

The suspension was forced by Cody himself as those files that the government suspended are available on almost any torrent site (cough *Pirate Bay* cough). I watched a few videos of Cody Wilson (DefDistributed founder) and he was pleased that the government did what it did. As it made his files a commodity. Now the ball is in his court and he will try to set a legal precedent with his next moves. He said something along the lines of determining if the Department/Office for Defense Trade Controls can legally declare information illegal. Before it was just physical objects and bomb secrets that were illegal. Now it's .STL files.

Anyways, here are two guns that I think should exist in the world. In a week I'm going to hate their design and want to tweak it, but I won't and will just work on other gun concepts.