Monday, July 16, 2012

Katchum All in the Morning

This is Ash. As in Ash Katchum from Pokemon. I'll colour him and add some more characters and environments for you to see. I enjoyed Pokemon as a kid and think that there could be an adult version. Like Batman. There's the cartoons and family-friendly comic. Then there's Frank Miller's Dark Knight and the Christopher Nolan movies. Which are awesome. 

I've been getting up early in the mornings to draw lately. I am supremely more productive than I was before. Mostly having less distractions than in the evening. My wife agrees but that means I don't stay up late to watch shows with her, which is a bummer since we only watch our favourite shows together. Like: Lost, Game of Thrones, Bones.

I decided to start randomly drawing at 5 a.m. this one day. It's neat. Especially since Comic-Con is coming up, and I can present my work to some artists in booths and maybe find some comic work. Granted it's not entirely random why I get up at five in the morning. Our eight month daughter likes to wake up and cry a little, so I have to get up and shush her. I had the will power to stay up and draw one day and I decided to keep it up. Have been doing every day so far.

One day I even got tired of drawing so I made waffles. Actually, our waffle maker we inherited sucks so I started making pancakes halfway through. Still counts.