Sunday, July 3, 2011

Random Pics

These are some robots to practice colouring on. As you can see I'm a ninja colourist. You couldn't even tell these were touched with colour, could you?

The Escapist had a contest for a cartoonist. The winner was awarded a contract. The entrance requirements was five strips, an icon logo, and a summary. After doing the first strip, I proposed the other comic ideas to friends and they gave me their opinion. All of my friends agreed I'm a better colourist than a humourist. Which isn't saying much at all. Although, they did break it to me nicely.

The strip was about sh33pl (sheeple) (sheep-people) and miscellaneous characters who would talk about game related news and events in a humorous fashion. Main character was a sheep guy Don and his pomegranate friend Pom. Yes, they are caterpillar-ing to work.

Much like Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) says, find news that's ninety percent funny, then add your own ten percent and you have a good gag.

Yeah, I know. Could be funnier.

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