Sunday, July 3, 2011

Random Pics

These are some robots to practice colouring on. As you can see I'm a ninja colourist. You couldn't even tell these were touched with colour, could you?

The Escapist had a contest for a cartoonist. The winner was awarded a contract. The entrance requirements was five strips, an icon logo, and a summary. After doing the first strip, I proposed the other comic ideas to friends and they gave me their opinion. All of my friends agreed I'm a better colourist than a humourist. Which isn't saying much at all. Although, they did break it to me nicely.

The strip was about sh33pl (sheeple) (sheep-people) and miscellaneous characters who would talk about game related news and events in a humorous fashion. Main character was a sheep guy Don and his pomegranate friend Pom. Yes, they are caterpillar-ing to work.

Much like Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) says, find news that's ninety percent funny, then add your own ten percent and you have a good gag.

Yeah, I know. Could be funnier.

Comic Pages

This is a runner for a mexican Cartel that got pinched by a drone. A little convoluted and could be laid out better. The previous post of the green space marine was supposed to be the colouring study of these two pages. Though worked okay on the marine (a little dark) it didn't work out the numerous times I tried with the pages. Just didn't. I am not a natural colourist.

Oh and the yellow bars are meant for text. My brother was the writer, I wanted to show where the ideal places for text are.