Sunday, December 5, 2010

Not so quick, quickie

Here's a space marine I was drawing, then my brother out of the blue is like, "Lets draw future war stuff!!!" My older brother is very much a war enthusiast. Like an armchair general he likes to bathe in the realism of simulated experiences. Nolan very much enjoys things like Halo Wars and Submarine Simulators. If it's too extreme or too damn entertaining he'll shy away from it. Claustrophobia can result when he feels that too much spectacular explosions and run and gunning are being forced down his throat.

So, about the picture. The space marine was originally meant to be more blue/metallic themed. Like most space environments. However, I was like, "Hey Nolan, I'm drawing a space marine, I'll just colour him green and stuff." Nolan was like sure, "I'll keep writing while you diddle."

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