Monday, August 10, 2009


Too long I know, I know. "Stop you're whining Evan, weeeee don't want to hear it."

Very true inner voice.

Here's a few pics that are special to me. I didn't scan them as I wasn't really gunning for showing my lines as much as the work itself. It's going to be a story of mine. It'll be naughty, fun, and hopefully entertaining.

This third pic has a:

1. pamphlet for the novel three day writer's contest. It's more like a marathon, I wanted to make a graphic novel. Still debating whether I want to do this or not. I did however find the 24 hour comic event. No prizes there. Just loads of fun; see link on right. The nearest one to me will be in Vancouver sometime in October. I might host one here in Prince George if I can find enough crazy artists willing to do it with me.

2. Is the main character's bunny sidekick. A silent companion. Even when screaming in fright.

3. Is a man the main character will befriend for a short time. Boy I'm so excited. I want to work on it right now, but I'm doing stuff for Mike's Counterfet. As well as Babak's comic. I'm really behind on that. Also, will I actually complete it on time for the three day marathon? I really want the story to come through concisely. With the images depicting the scenes with proper emotional accuracy.

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