Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sista sista!

I'll be turning this image into a cover for the graphic novel codenamed 'Sistas'. I'm excited. I'm even shaking a little. I really liked how this turned out. Usually when I stay up late doodling the next morning I'm a little like, "What the hell, I remember this being a good drawing when I went to bed!" I usually assume a person switched a drawing or two with a bad one. Anyways my process to develop this into a colour might be documented. Or I just might tell you here.

I will scan this (check)

Double it's size (scan at high res) (check)

Print it off in a piece of printer sheet paper (not check)

Tape down to my lightboard (not check)

Sketch proper (not check)

Scan (not check)

Colour and clean up in Photoshop (not check)

Post online (not check)

Use as cover art for graphic novel (not check)

1 comment:

Marcus said...

You've sparked my curiosity, you better finish this.