Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is it Done?

Is it done? I dunno. I think it's a laughable attempt at colouring, but still makes me smile inside. The story would be about a young girl who inherits a house from some super-extended family. Upon arriving she is warned to stay away from the house and disown it. She of course ignores it being an impoverished young girl. Bam! She turns into a vampire. Various characters are added and some mystery and much humour is definitely involved.

Works In Progress of Project Sista!

Better than the first doodle eh? I'll add more when I get farther along.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Here is a marker I recently purchased. It is large, and I am scared to use it. Like the Death Star, it has one function. To create BLACK!!! It's a very potent smell. Not my picture I took.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sista sista!

I'll be turning this image into a cover for the graphic novel codenamed 'Sistas'. I'm excited. I'm even shaking a little. I really liked how this turned out. Usually when I stay up late doodling the next morning I'm a little like, "What the hell, I remember this being a good drawing when I went to bed!" I usually assume a person switched a drawing or two with a bad one. Anyways my process to develop this into a colour might be documented. Or I just might tell you here.

I will scan this (check)

Double it's size (scan at high res) (check)

Print it off in a piece of printer sheet paper (not check)

Tape down to my lightboard (not check)

Sketch proper (not check)

Scan (not check)

Colour and clean up in Photoshop (not check)

Post online (not check)

Use as cover art for graphic novel (not check)

Monday, August 10, 2009


Too long I know, I know. "Stop you're whining Evan, weeeee don't want to hear it."

Very true inner voice.

Here's a few pics that are special to me. I didn't scan them as I wasn't really gunning for showing my lines as much as the work itself. It's going to be a story of mine. It'll be naughty, fun, and hopefully entertaining.

This third pic has a:

1. pamphlet for the novel three day writer's contest. It's more like a marathon, I wanted to make a graphic novel. Still debating whether I want to do this or not. I did however find the 24 hour comic event. No prizes there. Just loads of fun; see link on right. The nearest one to me will be in Vancouver sometime in October. I might host one here in Prince George if I can find enough crazy artists willing to do it with me.

2. Is the main character's bunny sidekick. A silent companion. Even when screaming in fright.

3. Is a man the main character will befriend for a short time. Boy I'm so excited. I want to work on it right now, but I'm doing stuff for Mike's Counterfet. As well as Babak's comic. I'm really behind on that. Also, will I actually complete it on time for the three day marathon? I really want the story to come through concisely. With the images depicting the scenes with proper emotional accuracy.