Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Matter of Preference

Good morning. Well it's morning for me at any rate. Here's a footballer guy I did as an extra piece for my portfolio. Well Evan, what do you think about football? That's a good question. Honestly, if I have to compare it to another sport, I'd have to go for rugby. Unlike football, in rugby you don't have to start a new huddle everytime the ball goes down. Which is nice. As that makes the game more intense to watch and play. Football I find is like the fake WWE/WWF crap. At least in the media. High school and minor leagues are totally cool with me. People seem to forget that football is a bunch of well tuned gentleman playing with a ball while women are on the side lines dancing. Fatty's are in the stands watching away, and rich mofos are betting in they're little booths. For the professional athlete however, this is the top for him. There isn't no other place where he will have the fame, the fortune and the respect he has earned. I really respect the guys who would play no matter the crowd, the money, or the weather.

All in all, rugby is better. It's okay if you want to get emotional about it.

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Marcus said...

I prefer hockey.