Monday, November 10, 2008

Sloth. It's a sin.

This also occurs on a regular basis.

There is a character/relationship factor that draws me to Family Guy. I'm not sure why I think that but I have reason to believe it's based off of awkward or doomed relationships. We look at Brian (the dog) with his relationship with his dense girlfriend. We know behind the scenes that this cannot work sexually. At least not very well. When I watch this isn't a prominent notion; though it is in the back of my mind. It sort of draws me to failed heroes in more maturer stories. Like Boromir from Lord of The Rings. The Romeo and Juliet story. Love that's doomed to exist but does despite the knowledge. I don't know. This is a rambling.


Rhett ain't that mean. However, in my younger years this was a regular occurrence.

Gruesome Twosome

Friday, November 7, 2008

Concerning Employment

A fictional conversation, but not at all impossible between myself and my room mate.

Me and my roomate just 'chillin' on the sofa.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Old Biz Card Idea

Well despite my foray into the animation industry with demo reel in completion; still no calls concerning employment. These characters I was looking to put onto the back of my business cards. In a manner like a playing card, a Jack, King and Queen. I didn't feel the card was coming together and I went for a simpler idea.

I did not correct or 'even' out the tone in my picture in Photoshop, and what you are seeing is the quality of my scanner. There are shadows around the edges of the picture. They might even seem a little out of focus. This is because my scanner has edges or a 'ridge' around the glass that lifts anything larger than scanner size (8.5" x 11.5") thus creating shadows and out of focus material.

This is why I would never like to scan my animation, let alone it takes a loooonnnng time to do something like that. My friend Chris Peters has done that and corrected and coloured every frame in photoshop. Poor soul. ( Also, animation paper is bigger than 8.5" x 11.5".