Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blue Bot

Two robots for my game. I'm thinking of changing the name of 'Prejump' to something scientific and foreshadow-ingly tasty. The first one is a patrol guard for high security premises. The second is a gernerus. Or. Gerneric robot that has multi-attachment points for various things. Like guns and scientific intruments (geiger counter).

Went to Fedex Kinkos today. I phoned like a month before asking the measurements for business cards. Of course when I go in today I get metaphorical hiccups. Had to come back home and correct the oddities in layout. That's it for whining hour. Otherwise inking a few pages of my comic and my stork story to add into my disposable portfolio. Oh did I mention that anywhere previously?! Well, surprise. Yes, I have the comic thought out pretty well. The visuals and story I find are pretty original. Nothing ground breaking, but still interesting.

I have a habit of wanting to redo the things. I always feel I can do better the following week. I probably could. I just wouldn't make any progress that way, and I have to tread somewhere other than in one spot. Otherwise that's called a death march. Hot damn.

The 'Stork Story' is a little story I thought of when I went to visit Mikki (my g/f) when her two sisters had their babies within twenty-four hours of each other. I figured thats pretty special, and a story came into my head. Again nothing ground breaking, but it's solely visual. No words except the title. That way I feel all ages can read it without having to bear the "Dave ran to the store. He ran fast." single subject sentences that always make suicide enticing. Hot damn.


Marcus said...

He ran fast." single subjective sentences that always make suicide enticing. Hot damn.

I don't get it.

crazi said...

go away

Marcus said...

I thought we had something special...
Yet you keep pushing me away!

crazi said...

You worry too much.