Friday, March 21, 2008

A Well Rested Weekend

Sleep feels great, but it's nothing without being tired or needing it first. I've been attending the Vancouver artist's Draw Jam every Thursday. It's been fun, I always hear good news (usually) about animation employment. I have saved up enough to live unemployed for a while and will be working super-time on my demo reel.

Of course here's a drawing I did for the Drawing Board's superheroes thread. The theme was deities. I did Morrigan of the Celtic gods. She is the goddess of death and battle. However, I took some liberties on it. Morrigan is actually a young woman chosen (by sacrifice) from a village. She has to do the duties of 'said' goddess. The crow's behind her force her to do her bidding of taking the lives of many. One of her signs is the death of cattle. In her past life she lived with her father. Her father was cattle tender. She loved to play with the cattle while her father tended to the herd. When she was chosen out of malice from her village, her father was killed in defense of her. At the apex of her sacrifice when the stones had killed her, the crows took her spirit and saved the body. When she awoke much time had passed. In anger she did her first bidding and took the lives of all those who had harmed her. The crows told her she then had until her body turns to dust to do the chores of the wicked goddess. Taking the lives of people at their time of passing.

When visible she is cold to the touch and may appear or dissappear at will. In her shame of taking lives, she refuses to appear to anyone and in her spectral realm will walk among the living without their knowing and will touch them when it's their time.

If I take this into a story, then Morrigan will be taunted in her unnatural life by a living man many generations after her sacrifice. This man will win her affections, but will he win her heart of ghostly shadow over before her corpse turns to dust. The crows force her to take more living lives as wars wage. Will her taunting lover be one of them. Can they cheat the ever-present crows, fate, and their mortal and immortal natures?


Marcus said...

That is actually kind of neat.
For something that you did, of course.

crazi said...

i know, usually everything i do is awesome. This is just neat. It's like a demotion.