Monday, January 21, 2008

FromThe Front Lines

Well, I've taken up a labour job with my best bud Rhett. He scored me the job and I really appreciate it as the guys are pretty cool. As such, I work in a condo tower, called Sapphire. Of course during my break I took some pictures. I did take some pictures of the downtown cranes near Science World, however they are bloody blurry. However the ones from my tower aren't. Lucky lucky. Here they are. Some more concepts have been completed towards the game, Pre Jump. Of course I can't show them. As soon as the promotional art has been done I can show that as well as my WIP (work in progress) of them. Here's those pictures.

I was wearing a harness around the 'edge' one. If anyone is asking. :p

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Andrew said...

sweet dude! Pretty crazy pics from the edge of that tower. Hope you're doing well!