Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Pic

A funny thing struck me this weekend. It wasn't a clown. But rather a culmination of things that quite literally gave me a realization. In one of my classes, Professional Development. Our teacher tells us that through spending time with someone you can determine what sort of person they are (in relation to personal behavior). Maybe because he's half Scottish, or just because he's naturally this way, he also haggles for things. The funniest thing about it is that given time he can haggle any price, no matter how 'concrete' and set in stone it may be. All it takes is time. Time to figure out what kind of person he is talking to is.

Now lets take the current festive season right now... Christmas. Most people will pay for gifts that %77 of most Vancouver's population say they don't need any gifts this year ( i can't remember the source). I imagine it isn't too dramatically different in most North American places. However, whats the one thing that people who give gifts hope to feel? I imagine most people want to feel that they have contributed to that person's life and that they are thankful and wanted. Well if the majority of people don't want gifts, what do they want or need? I imagine it's time. What does my teacher from above have to do to relate to this? Well the one secret to buying things cheap ass, is a fact that he spends time with the customer rep and makes them feel special inside. Like he's their best mate. The English accent probably helps a lot. He gets close and will really connects with that person. Some might frown on this, but what do they know. He connects with the person behind the counter. This isn't some false Jedi mind trick. He doesn't put on a fake face. He makes it so that the customer rep feels he's won something from that meeting, and has actually gained from risking himself to getting fired for lowering a set price.

Sounds pretty incredible, but being with the guy, I've seen him raving mad, to making me feel like the most important student to him. Although I probably ain't by a long shot. So, instead of buying Christmas presents this year im going to try spending time with people.Not just sitting around watching TV, I'm trying a coffee or a good old discussion. It's the connecting that I find is quite magical.

Another thing, somethings have drastically changed since the time of our parents and parent's parents. I feel it is likely the time spent doing things. Going from redneck to city slicker has quite clearly shown it in a great and Godly light. People nowadays are willing to spend the sticker price to above the sticker price as long as they get it fast. I was at A&W's yesterday, and I thought that my teacher couldn't probably haggle his own whistle dog out of this place (there was a big lineup). Whereas if he was in 100 Mile (a small norther town in BC, Canada) he could without a shadow of a doubt get the whistle dog for free, seeing as there isn't a boatload of people breathing down their necks.

Some people eh?

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Keira said...

Dude! Your art is awesome. I just thought I'd pass that on ^^

I think quite a lot of people are realising that Christmas isn't about the presents and rampant commercialisation anymore, but more about quality time.

Your teacher sounds cool, by the way. :D