Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A New Post! Already!

Wow, another post two days after the last one?! Evan Ramsay, you must be some sly fox indeed! Well not really. It just tells you what days of these months I have free :S. At any rate, I'm actually kind of surprised at the occasional comment I've been getting, it brings them up to four in total. Thats fantastique! Only two comments from my habitual stalker Marcus.

Having comments on my blog-doodad feels like walking around with a journal or diary and having dropped it at a bus stop and having nice strangers read and leave a message in a page. It's a neato feeling. And! According to Mozilla Firefox spell checker, neato is not a word. I'll see if my gf can catch that one in Scrabble.

Heres some vehicles that might make it into a map for mine and Randy's game. I don't want to release any characters and environments as those are more sensitive to the game and have a style seen before but not too oftenly used. Apparently 'oftenly' is also a no-no word.

The car/truck thinger is poorly done and quickly sketched. Ignore it, as I was just playing while waiting for a scene to load in Maya at school. The two spaceships are concepts for the game, but they will go under more transformations as my skill progresses. So I can show those before their copyrighted.

Most just get doodled and the spaceships got a terrible ink job. My intent was to erase the pencils underneath that are visible everywhere if you aren't closing your eyes or have two apple cores in your sockets replacing them. You'll notice I didn't quite erase my sloppy pencils. Bad Evan!


chris.K said...

hey lookin' pretty good. i've been meaning to keep a seperate sketchbook of technical stuff like ships and objects. i seem to squeeze them into small spaces in my regular one...
oh and yeah, bachelors in illustratino for moi.

crazi said...

kewl, Jealous!

Marcus said...

I am not a stalker!
I just wanted you to feel good about yourself!

Is that so bad?

Marcus said...

Furthermore, it is too bad Firefox doesn't have a grammar check, because your grammar blows.

crazi said...

i dunno, you posted twice in here already. You seem like a stalker to me... Naw I'm just joshing. Marcus bestest best buddy

Keira Peney said...

nice artwork :D again.

Occasional comments are good ;)

This game sounds interesting :D