Sunday, September 16, 2007

Break Time!

Woo! My last break is here! One more major semester to go and then I am out of art school! It's not that I don't like it, it's just that now that I have learned so much, I really want to apply it. Unlike university programs that stop in the summer and more relaxing assignments, I can't have a job, a hobby, or even a real social life (ask my girl friend!). She's a student as well, so we understand each other excellently.

Here's some comic pages I was working on to put in the last portions of my demo reel. I am most definitely having second thoughts. So I am re doing the pages at a different story period and revamping the script with the help of my older bro. This comic is based on me and Randy's game. The story is meant to keep our subscribers interested in the back story as we create the game. I am making this comic because not everyone wants to read a twenty five page short story about their Half Life Mod. I also like having any excuse to draw action sci-fi stuff. Of course I expect the criticism on my comic/story, so bring it on. ;)

First Page is meant to show a civilian space station crashing to a planet-like earth. The main character in the pages and panels after that is a crash lander who escaped from the falling wreck in an escape pod. Anyways, tired, had my last exam today. Motion Capture exam. Wasn't too bad, kinda fun. G'night.

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