Monday, July 9, 2007

Update: Wulfen guy

Sometime after I graduate, I'll texture this guy and put him into the pose and environment I have recently thumbed out yesterday. There will be two hopefully. A tribute to an artist in a book I have, it's the profiles of the artists of Imaginary Friends Studios. Of two of the pics in the book, two kinda inspire something for this guy. The pics are called bloodrush and bloodlust. The pics aren't huge and great masterful works of art, well maybe they are, because they show the two feelings awesomely without much detail. I think a werewolf can easily fit into those two themes. Especially with what I have in mind. When my comp is working, I'll post up some awesome coloured drawings I did during my break. They do have lot's more effort than any other drawing in this blog. Toodles!

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