Thursday, July 5, 2007

Redonkulous Break

Sorries I've been gone so long without posting. I plan on texturing the wulfen guy, but I really don't know when. I really want to work on some game characters for a mod I'm on. So I'm at odds with my time not to mention school. Plus, my computer right now is busted. Over the break while I was away some carpet cleaners came and messed it up. Not sure how, but I can only tell the mobo and HDs are fine, and it's the start button* that is the real source of the problem. Solution: bought a new case. It comes in tomorrow. My original case is so dilapidated that when friends came over they thought I stole parts and made it. I assured them thats not true. It is the equivalent of some high school kid's junker car. The lifespan on this surprised me enough as is, ha ha. Anyways, as soon as my comp is up and working, I can colour my drawings. And yes, I spell the "colour" the Canadian way. Eh?

*start button isn't necessarily a button, but rather the guts of a previous button that makes a clicky noise when you click it.


As soon as my comp is up and working, you'll also see many new things popping up as well. Like a our mod website. Within a month of hosting that bad boy, very likely content will up and singing prettily. I can't really reveal all of my ideas right now (or even when the site's up) as since we are in our birthing stages, and may be prone to thievery, viral attacks, infringement, etc... However, I can tell you it is a Half Life 2 mod, it is a shooter and RPG. The focus is on shooting, the RPG element is simply there for preferences and characterization of your player to a very limited degree. There's quite a few surprises we have in store that Randy might need some help with programming wise. I can tell he'll be pulling some late nights frying his brain over code. Fun times. Likewise, I'll be up pushing my pencils or polygons around making maps, characters, concepts, props, etc... Hope you read this sometime Jackie, cause your helping me make models and texturing, ha ha. Rhett get started on the moosique. It's go time. Speaking of going, I am actually on the can right now. With a laptop of course.

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