Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Jolly Good News!

Well I have good news, and, well I don't know, other news I s'pose. First off. That wulfen character (said character:Wulfen) I will have the option of texturing and rendering him for an assignment! Well, in our advanced lighting and texturing class our teacher told us today that we will be given an open final project that we will have to complete using understood techniques and magickery from the CG (computer generated) world. I am excited because quite a few options ran through my mind of what to do. Then I realized I had an excellent character to place in an environment of my desire. Huzzah! So I don't have to wait till I am graduated to texture/light my character, I can do it on school time! Whew. Oookay, enthusiasm has recessed a little.

What next... hmmm, I've turned to doing some freelance work for a few extra buckaroos. Maybe an animated short. Which would be nice.

Also, me and my new parish priest are getting along fabulously. Not to say that the previous priest was bad or anything, it's just me and Fr. Mark just step off on the right foot. He told me he chaplained at a military base which is cool, seeing as I've spent the majority of my time in cadets. Not only that, he's new to the big city. Seeing as I am a noob at almost every endeavor, I believe I retain that "new-to-the-big-city" aura around me. I also like to come up with questions for him to answer as he answers them really well for me. So we both have a few similarities. Really cool guy.

Last subject, I need to post a picture, or this is a terribly boring art blog. Boo.. So here's some random pictures I leave around for days like this. These are from my first semester of entering art school:

Monday, July 23, 2007


These are what thumbnails look like for animations. I want to do this in 2D some weekend.

Cool Drawings and Inkings

Hi everybody, here's those cool pictures I have been promising lately. Been too busy to colour them, I might do one of them as a portfolio piece. Anyways, about the drawings; the last guy is in a skin tight space suit while wearing combat shorts. I love shorts, thus he has to wear shorts. Especially in space. His space helmet doesn't have any hoses visible either, should have fixed that before I scanned. Woops!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

NEW Website!

Check it! I site me and Randy are making for our Half Life 2 mod.


Things are finally starting to get going. I love how it smells so much of promise. Some mod teams I find (even at my college) they are so full of hope and high expectations that when they see their mod in it's early stages and how much work they have left to do. Thats when the teams starts to separate because of large amount of work involved. With us, we have no illusions about losing days and weeks to the completion of this project. This mod is my main hobby, with regular exercising too of course. Just awesome.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Update: Wulfen guy

Sometime after I graduate, I'll texture this guy and put him into the pose and environment I have recently thumbed out yesterday. There will be two hopefully. A tribute to an artist in a book I have, it's the profiles of the artists of Imaginary Friends Studios. Of two of the pics in the book, two kinda inspire something for this guy. The pics are called bloodrush and bloodlust. The pics aren't huge and great masterful works of art, well maybe they are, because they show the two feelings awesomely without much detail. I think a werewolf can easily fit into those two themes. Especially with what I have in mind. When my comp is working, I'll post up some awesome coloured drawings I did during my break. They do have lot's more effort than any other drawing in this blog. Toodles!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Redonkulous Break

Sorries I've been gone so long without posting. I plan on texturing the wulfen guy, but I really don't know when. I really want to work on some game characters for a mod I'm on. So I'm at odds with my time not to mention school. Plus, my computer right now is busted. Over the break while I was away some carpet cleaners came and messed it up. Not sure how, but I can only tell the mobo and HDs are fine, and it's the start button* that is the real source of the problem. Solution: bought a new case. It comes in tomorrow. My original case is so dilapidated that when friends came over they thought I stole parts and made it. I assured them thats not true. It is the equivalent of some high school kid's junker car. The lifespan on this surprised me enough as is, ha ha. Anyways, as soon as my comp is up and working, I can colour my drawings. And yes, I spell the "colour" the Canadian way. Eh?

*start button isn't necessarily a button, but rather the guts of a previous button that makes a clicky noise when you click it.


As soon as my comp is up and working, you'll also see many new things popping up as well. Like a our mod website. Within a month of hosting that bad boy, very likely content will up and singing prettily. I can't really reveal all of my ideas right now (or even when the site's up) as since we are in our birthing stages, and may be prone to thievery, viral attacks, infringement, etc... However, I can tell you it is a Half Life 2 mod, it is a shooter and RPG. The focus is on shooting, the RPG element is simply there for preferences and characterization of your player to a very limited degree. There's quite a few surprises we have in store that Randy might need some help with programming wise. I can tell he'll be pulling some late nights frying his brain over code. Fun times. Likewise, I'll be up pushing my pencils or polygons around making maps, characters, concepts, props, etc... Hope you read this sometime Jackie, cause your helping me make models and texturing, ha ha. Rhett get started on the moosique. It's go time. Speaking of going, I am actually on the can right now. With a laptop of course.