Monday, June 11, 2007

moddeling finals

Here's some of my character model I am doing for a my modelling class. It's a wulfen, for those unaware of a what a wulfen is, it's a basically a warewolf. Some of the pics you'll notice the ride side is different than the left. While I model I use something called a sub-div proxy that essentially mirrors the other side of my model in a high poly res and updates everytime I tweak the low poly side. The hair is only on one side as well. The last one is a final render. Took a few hours.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Don't Smoke

Don't smoke kiddies, no matter how cool/sexy it may look, it's quite harmful for the health. For those of you already smoking, enjoy your dashing look whenever possible.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

it is about time

I'm not a huge gamer or anything, but... c'mon! Starcraft 2! Granted I'm one of those guys who plays games for the graphics and story value. After finishing FF Tactics, I felt like I read a novel. Granted those FF games very likely put more text in there than a novel. I dreamed I slept with a vampire last night... how weird is that. Still trying to shake it off.

Monday, June 4, 2007

promises of challenge

Hmmmm, I've entertained a notion to challenge my expertise of that an artist and experimenter (please entertain the fact I am still a student however :p). Every post I place, I have to out due or match in quality. I only entertained this because in practice, it doesn't make for a very engrossing blog. Like a story without conflict, it leaves it uninteresting. You only see my successes in design, animation, and 3D. However, I won't publish doodles that aren't even worthy of surfacing in a toddlers sketchbook. Just the ones I want to share. So the main motivation behind this post was simply to not miss a weekly (though erratic) post. If I want this SOB blog filled with content, I have to be vigilant and do so continuously. So this first one is Thulsa Doom from Conan by Robert E. Howard's Conan books. Following is Conan himself. Sometime I will have some Conan animations shortly. I already have two, but you know, I'm a shy guy. Next is an African descent man drawn in blue pencil. After that is a generic warrior swinging his sword around. Most of these, I try not to dwell too long on them. I try the hardest to draw something that someone can understand in the simplest of terms without having to undergo hours of rendering a drawing or colouring. If I can't make someone understand a 2 minute drawing, then why bother spending hours on it? Those are the things that don't get published from my sketchbook. The failings...