Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Redo

Hello, hello. I really wasn't happy with the previous pro life designs. So here's a revamp. Next time I'll do it in vector instead of nasty pixels.

Top: Front of tee shirt
Beneath: Back of tee

Thursday, May 24, 2007


some life drawing

Last One I Swear

Here's some random stuff I found on my external HD that I use as backup. I got lots of awesome animations, but I'm too lazy to turn them into gifs so you can all see.

Double Post

Last post I realized I didn't add a title or what naught. Here's a design I did for a mod called 'Intelligent Design.' The head guy Zunni is pretty cool and chillin' guy. But yeah, I was harangued for a time in between school and these other designs I did. This is just the most finished one and very likely wont be used as a model in the game. I wont release the stats and functions of all the characters because that would just be rude and the mod team would lose a lot of interest from its supporters.

Wow now ain't that ridiculous, it's been a month since I posted last. Well anywho, here's some new pics that are actually quite old. I plan on doing some fun character designs (in colour!) within some time soon here. I plan on having an animated bunch of intros and middle sequences in my demo reel traditionally animated. Hence I need characters. I have a whole lot drawn up, but none finalized or coloured through photoshop. Anyways, here's some pro life pics I did for Bonnie the head organizer of the UNBC pro life team. She never really told me if she liked them or wanted me to elaborate on them. It's kinda funny in that way I guess.